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As a premier benefit administration provider, Apprize partners with the best benefit technology companies in the industry. With access to multiple benefit administration and HR platforms, we can deliver customized solutions to fit your unique needs.

Apprize Platforms

Apprize is not a software developer—we’re a broker of world-class technology solutions. By building strategic partnerships with the industry’s best and brightest software companies, we have the flexibility to connect any client with tailored online administration tools for their specific goals and needs.

Apprize has been in the business of online benefits administration for a long time. Over the years, we’ve vetted countless systems to find the select few that are powerful and versatile enough to meet evolving client demands. And we’re proud to say that our current partners, bswift and benefitexpress, have met and surpassed our highest expectations.

bswift and benefitexpress are proven, best-in-breed systems backed by leading-edge companies. With over 30,000 employers and 10 million employees across the two platforms, bswift and benefitexpress are two of the best benefits administration platforms in the nation. Whether you need basic benefits administration or a full-blown private exchange, Apprize brings the expertise, connections and platforms you need to excel.

bswift is a robust, flexible benefits administration platform designed to help even the most complex clients navigate the ever-changing world of healthcare and benefits. Its innovative software and services streamline the online administration process and deliver better results than traditional ERP and outsourcing vendors. bswift is the perfect tool for employers, brokers or exchanges seeking a flexible, cost-effective administration platform and exceptional service.

benefitexpress is a streamlined, fully automated and cost-effective online benefits enrollment and administration system for employers and brokers. This intuitive platform streamlines administration to provide employees and HR with full access to information on any device, bringing speed and simplicity to benefits administration and enrollment. benefitexpress is an excellent solution for employers in need of an easy and adaptable administration platform.

Web Based Enrollment

Employees enroll and manage all benefits—including life events and status changes—quickly and efficiently. Web-based enrollment makes it easy to view costs and benefit information, too. Our configurable, rules-based system can accommodate all plan and eligibility rules.

HR Portal

Our streamlined administration tools and automated processes make it easy for HR staff to manage benefits.

EDI & Carrier Connections

Apprize electronically transmits your benefit eligibility data to carriers, eliminating paper forms while increasing accuracy and security. With hundreds of carrier connections, our in-house team is ready to configure, test and maintain all necessary data connections.


Our clients have access to real-time reporting tools, including more than 100 standard reports, a billing suite and a custom report writer—which allows HR managers to quickly and easily create, schedule and automate any report needed.

ACA Compliance

Apprize offers the tools you need to comply with the many complex requirements of the Affordable Care Act, including form 1095 and 1094 creation, IRS e-file and tracking tools for variable hour populations.

Decision Support

We take the guesswork out of the employee benefits shopping experience with an interactive tool designed to help employees make better benefit decisions. Our solutions can personalize cost comparisons by health needs and model upcoming health scenarios for the whole family, allowing employees to choose the best plan for their needs.


The modern world is mobile, and benefits are no exception. With our Mobile Benefits Portal, your employees can shop and enroll on-the-go and access their information at any time.

Engagement Tools

Our system isn’t just for enrollment—it’s a central communication hub for both employers and employees. Here, you can access important content, including company information, a documents library, benefits and plan information, helpful videos and more.

Payroll/HCM Integration

Apprize can help streamline your payroll/HCM process with 180 and 360 integrations. We will build a connection to securely and seamlessly exchange payroll and benefit information, eliminating dual entry into multiple systems.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Apprize provides comprehensive protection for your ben admin platform.

At Apprize, we place utmost importance on keeping your data safe. Through a combination of technology, compliance and policies, we monitor and safeguard your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Both of our systems are hosted at a Tier-3 hosting provider, in U.S. facilities with AICPA SOC 2 Type II certification. Sensitive data such as user passwords are encrypted, and all web content is delivered via 128-bit symmetric key and 2048-bit asymmetric key. EDI files are delivered via SFTP with 256-bit AES encryption. Moreover, all data is backed up in near real-time to an offsite location in the U.S. to ensure that your data is preserved, even in the event of a disaster. Apprize offers 24/7 threat monitoring solutions to detect any intrusion attempt at any time, and our systems undergo rigorous annual vulnerability testing by independent 3rd party security firms to identify potential risks

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