Our flexible benefits services can be tailored to the demands of any client.

Today’s benefits brokers and consultants face more challenges than ever before—under constant pressure to expand their service offerings and provide more personalized support for clients. And as benefits enrollment and administration options continue to evolve, so too do the needs and expectations of your clients. As your strategic partner, Apprize can connect you with proven technology solutions to help you meet and exceed these demands—positioning both you and your clients for success.

Online Benefits Made Simple

As a former broker, we know how complicated the world of benefits consulting can be. We understand full well that each of your clients has unique benefits needs, and that there’s no cookie-cutter solution to accommodate them all. Most importantly, we realize that your job is hard enough as is. You’re already an authority on benefits; you shouldn’t have to become a technology expert, too. We’ve got you covered there.

A History of Success

Over the past two decades, Apprize has established a long track record of success by connecting brokers and consultants with technology that makes online benefits administration as simple as possible. We empower our partners with proactive platforms that address client needs before they emerge, fostering superior business results. That’s why brokers and consultants spanning the nation count on Apprize for solutions that take the complexity (and most of the stress) out of benefits technology.

Solutions for Any Client

Apprize offers proven technology platforms that are intuitive and flexible enough to support any business. From simple benefits enrollment to complex administration, HRIS and payroll integrations, we can help you find the perfect technology solution for each client.

Your Benefit Technology Partner

Apprize has over 16 years of experience partnering with brokers and consultants like you

The journey from brokering to benefits administration systems wasn’t easy; it took us many years and considerable investments in software and staff to reach where we are now. But thanks to this transition, our team has deep experience with both benefits administration and technology—which is why brokers and consultants across the country trust us with all their online benefits and HR administration needs.

Traditionally, investing in a benefits technology platform is a costly and risky endeavor. But with Apprize, you never have to worry about buying into technology solutions or meeting monthly minimums. In other words, a partnership with us doesn’t cost you a dollar. We take the burden of technology acquisition and service off your shoulders, so you can focus on the benefits.

Last but not least, Apprize doesn’t sell insurance, collect commissions or compete with brokers. As your technology partner, we understand your client is your client.

At Apprize, we empower brokers and consultants to bring


Dedicated Service

When you recommend Apprize to clients, you stake your reputation on the quality of our solutions. That’s why we provide the same level of support you do. Apprize offers full-service products that include all the technology, service and support your clients need to succeed.

Seamless Implementation

When you advise clients to invest in a certain technology, the last thing you need is a lengthy, stress-inducing setup phase. Thanks to our unique combination of benefits and technology experience, we know how to quickly and efficiently implement and run benefits administration systems for any client.

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