Simple Solutions, Superior Results

Apprize crafts tailored solutions to help brokers and employers streamline the benefits administration process. We combine leading-edge software with the best team in the business to bring efficiency and simplicity to your online benefits administration efforts. We’ve built every facet of our company around perfecting this service—and helping you lay the groundwork for better business results.

Our Core Values

We leverage five key principles to guide our services and solutions.

At Apprize, we use an operating system centered around five core values. These aren’t just catchy phrases we put on the wall and forget about; they’re guiding principles that determine every aspect of how we run our business, from serving our clients to hiring and reviewing team members. In short, every Apprize process, service and employee adheres to these values.

Every great relationship is built on transparency, trust and clear expectations. That’s why we share these values with each client at the onset of our partnership. This list acts as a constant reminder of why we exist—and the level of support our partners deserve.

Bring Value

Apprize exists to make your job easier. If we can’t do that, we aren’t the right partner for you—and we’ll tell you as much. And when we do find opportunities to improve your online benefits administration process, we’ll present customized solutions that meet your unique needs and maximize business value.

Help First

When stress and work boil over, a helping hand can make all the difference. Apprize employees will drop what they’re doing to help our clients, brokers and other team members—no matter the time or place. When you choose Apprize, we’ll immediately connect you with a single point of contact. This online benefits expert will put your needs or requests at the top of their list. Just call us and we’ll be there to help. Always.

Solve It

We learned many years ago that each client faces distinct challenges when administering benefits. At the beginning of our partnership, we’ll sit down with your team to gain a detailed understanding of your needs and goals. And no matter how demanding or complex your administration problems become, we’ll be ready to help you solve them.

Always Deliver

Apprize doesn’t deal in delays or empty promises; we do what we say—when we say we’ll do it. Your success means everything to us, which is why we’ll fight tooth and nail to ensure our solutions deliver exceptional results. And when things don’t go as planned, we won’t rest until we set things right.

Always Improve

From technology to service improvements, Apprize embraces innovation. We constantly refine our benefits administration solutions to increase the value they offer your business. We’re also passionate about exploring new ideas, processes and offerings to expand our expertise and the level of support we deliver to our clients.

Our Services

We deliver versatile HR services for employers and brokers alike.

Apprize offers a range of powerful services to support your online benefits administration efforts, including quarterly enrollment audits, implementation assistance and more. Our flexible services are designed to make your benefits administration processes faster and easier, positioning your business for resounding success.

Thanks to our seasoned team of benefits, HR and technology experts, we can empower your business with a range of highly configurable services. Apprize pairs comprehensive customer support with agile services to expand and streamline your online benefits administration systems.

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