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How to Cut Down on Benefit Admin Tasks

February 20th, 2019

Benefits administration is an essential responsibility of any HR team. But as benefits packages and employee expectations continue to expand, assembling and managing organization benefits is more complicated than ever. Between Carrier EDI files, billing and enrollment, audits and analyzing claims data, HR managers have an overwhelming number of ben admin responsibilities—which is why many are turning to specialized benefits software.

With the right benefit admin systems, your HR staff can outsource a range of tedious ben admin tasks—allowing them to focus on delivering more business value. Select ben admin platforms like ours include employer support services that can be tailored around your unique business goals, paving the way for better HR results. Let’s dive deeper into these technology solutions by discussing a few ben admin tasks they handle for your team.

1. EDI Error Reporting

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows businesses to exchange important information digitally—eliminating paper forms and human error in the process. And while this approach drastically improves the accuracy and speed of exchanging invoices, enrollment forms and other key documents to partners, it’s not a flawless system. Each carrier has very specific reporting requirements, which can result in time-consuming EDI errors that disrupt accurate billing and carrier connections. Luckily, HR managers can simplify EDI troubleshooting with the right ben admin partner.

The best ben admin providers offer a custom support model to take the burden of EDI reporting off your shoulders. For example, at Apprize, we manage all EDI error reporting for our clients. Our benefits and technology experts understand the reporting requirements of each carrier, allowing us to address and resolve EDI errors in a timely manner. Not only will this increase billing accuracy, but it will also improve utilization of your HR staff—unlocking new business value while making your day-to-day workload lighter.

2. Quarterly Enrollment Audits

Many employers can’t find the time to reconcile monthly invoices from carriers. It can be tough and tiresome to compile detailed information on benefits enrollment when there are so many other important HR tasks to manage. That’s where benefit admin systems can help. When you work with Apprize, we will run quarterly enrollment audits to help ensure your carrier invoices are as accurate as possible—empowering your HR team to work more efficiently without the pressure of oncoming audits.

When selecting a ben admin provider for your business, make sure they provide support for quarterly enrollment audits. Offerings like this ensure that your organization is fully compliant with its benefits enrollment process, allowing you to focus on growth and meeting future HR goals instead of scrambling to collect and condense enrollment data each quarter. The result? Fewer administrative responsibilities, simpler yearly workflows and superior HR outcomes.

3. Billing Reports & Issues

Generating and scheduling billing reports is a major undertaking for employers. This administrative duty becomes even more complicated when you introduce variable billing rules for different employe benefits plans. Fortunately, your team can use unique platform services to manage this task—as well as automate any emerging billing issues.

With the right benefits administration platform, you can quickly and easily create and schedule billing reports, use current data to self bill, and apply retroactive adjustments. Select platform tools make it easy to reconcile bills against third-party systems, apply appropriate fees, and separate bills depending on different factors (such as location or division). You ben admin provider can deliver support services for resolving billing issues, too. With these advantages, your HR staff can save significant amounts of time on reporting and billing—and redeploy those hours towards more complex HR efforts.

Make Ben Admin Tasks Easy With Apprize

Employers are under more pressure than ever to create attractive employee benefits plans to recruit and retain top-performing staff. But as we mentioned earlier, employees are expecting greater flexibility and coverage options with each passing year. To match these growing demands, HR teams can’t afford to be bogged down by repetitive ben admin tasks.

As your ben admin partner, Apprize takes care of all the administrative duties we’ve discussed and more—making work easier for you and your HR team. By investing in one of our powerful benefit admin systems, you gain access to our full suite of benefits support services, making implementation, system training and ongoing management effortless. No matter your organization’s HR goals, we’ll work with you to create a custom solution that meets and exceeds them.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Apprize can support your business, then check out these free software demos to see our robust benefit admin systems in action. These videos are a great way to decide whether our software is the right choice for your HR team. You can also contact us with more specific questions on benefits administration—or the steps you can take to create better employee benefits plans. We’re more than happy to help.

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