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Benefits Administration Software for Brokers

March 26th, 2019

As a benefits broker, clients rely on you for comprehensive advice and recommendations on minimizing total costs and addressing HR challenges. That’s why many leading brokers are investing in benefits administration software. With these flexible technology solutions, you can provide superior ben admin solutions that address the unique needs of each client—boosting retention and growth in the process.

But how exactly does benefits administration software for brokers work? And how should you go about finding the right technology for your clients? Today, our team will be walking you through the ins and outs of ben admin software for brokers—and how investing in the right one can help you meet and exceed growing client demands.

The Rising Demand for Better Benefits

Employers need exceptional benefits packages to attract strong candidates, retain employees and achieve growth. And as employee demands for benefits continue to rise, so too do the expectations employers place on their brokers. Your clients are looking to you for proactive benefits solutions to meet and exceed their HR goals.

Today’s employers need more than policy and coverage expertise to thrive in such a competitive landscape. Enrollment audits, managing billing issues, and automation of the benefits and payroll process—these are just a few of the many tasks employers expect support for. Thankfully, with the right benefits administration solution, you can help clients address all of these challenges and ease their HR burden.

How Ben Admin Software Supports Clients

Benefits administration software is designed to simplify the entire administration and enrollment process for employees and employers alike. These advanced solutions provide employers with administration tools and automated processes that help HR staff manage benefits, navigate ACA compliance, streamline payroll and more.

Created to be highly configurable, ben admin software can be customized around specific business needs—such as benefits enrollment, administration, employee communications or HRIS functionality. This versatility even extends to the software’s reporting capabilities, which can include fully customizable reporting tools and dashboards along with on-demand standard reports.

Another key advantage of ben admin software is employee self-service. Because these technology tools are so intuitive, they can be used by HR staff and standard employees alike—which allows the latter to complete enrollment without tedious paper forms and manual tasks. Using built-in automation and decision support tools, employees can educate themselves on each plan and receive assistance with choosing the right one for their needs. Benefits administration software also makes it easy for employees to shop and enroll for plans (or simply view their information) via mobile devices—bringing a new level of flexibility to the benefits process.

From mobilizing benefits and fostering stronger communication via engagement tools

to streamlining payroll/HCM through integrations, ben admin software can provide your clients with the leading-edge technology and ongoing support they need to excel. We highly recommend these solutions for brokers looking to gain a competitive edge and proactively manage growing client demands.

Vendor Support for Ben Admin Software

Even the most powerful ben admin software isn’t flexible enough to manage the entire enrollment and administration process, which is why the best vendors pair their software with dedicated support services. For example, at Apprize, we manage many of the day-to-day administration duties employers are typically responsible for—allowing clients to concentrate on their business instead.

With a technology partner like Apprize, you can eliminate the burden of managing enrollment issues, completing quarterly enrollment audits and other time-consuming tasks for clients, paving the way for easier and more cost-effective HR. We also provide full implementation for our software solutions to ensure each client feels cared for and confident in their investment

In short, a combination of vendor support and ben admin software can help your clients uncover and address key inefficiencies in their HR and administration processes—unlocking new business value while cementing your employer/broker relationship.

Apprize Benefits Administration Solutions for Brokers

For over 18 years, Apprize has been changing the way brokers approach benefits administration technology. Our customizable benefits administration software for brokers provides comprehensive solutions for benefits enrollment, audits, fulfillment, compliance, billing and much more. And unlike many technology vendors, we don’t charge our broker partners a cent. Let us handle the stress of technology acquisition and service while you focus on bringing your benefits expertise.

Find Your Benefits Administration Solution Today

If you’re ready to see our best-in-breed ben admin software in action, then check out our free demo solutions. With these, you can test out the capabilities of our bswift or benefitsCONNECT software to decide which will work best for your clients.

Want to learn more about benefits administration software for brokers—and the real business value it can unlock for your clients? Then be sure to call or message the Apprize team today. You can also connect with us for more information on our intuitive ben admin software and services for brokers, or if you need help selecting the right software for your clients.

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