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3 Tips for Implementing Your Benefits Administration System

January 8th, 2019

As the field of HR and benefits becomes more complex, so do the technology tools we use to streamline these efforts. For example, benefits administration software for brokers and employers can now be used to manage a range of administration tasks—including web-based enrollment, real-time reporting, and payroll/HCM integration. By investing in the right benefit administration (ben admin) platform, your team can make its benefits process more intuitive and efficient, paving the way for better business results. But without support, it can be very difficult to implement one of these powerful technology solutions into your organization. And that’s where we can help.

At Apprize, we connect employers and brokers with powerful technology tools that make HR and benefits administration simple. For almost two decades, our team of technology and HR experts has been collaborating with businesses to offer services that define and address their unique enrollment issues. And today, we’d like to walk through a few useful tips you can use to quickly and smoothly implement your ben admin platform. But before we do, let’s take a moment to run through why the implementation process is so tough—and key considerations you’ll want to keep in mind throughout.

Understanding the Implementation Process

Unfortunately, starting off with a ben admin platform isn’t as easy as downloading a program and making an account. Full ben admin platforms have to be configured around your organization’s unique requirements and merged with your existing data. That means uploading employee information, payroll specifics, current and upcoming benefits data, and more.

It’s also important to note that the implementation process is variable. Each ben admin vendor has a different approach, which dictates the information you’ll be asked to provide—and the support you’ll receive throughout. That’s why we always encourage organizations to consult with potential ben admin vendors before choosing one to ensure they understand what the implementation process will look like.

1. Create (& Respect) Your Implementation Timeline

Because implementation is so complicated, it’s critical to create a timeline for the process. This step ensures that your team hits all the major deadlines and details ramping up to go live. If you’ve chosen a reliable vendor, they’ll give you a clearly defined implementation timeline—and help you determine what your team needs to cover in order to be prepared for launch. And if they don’t, there’s nothing stopping you from creating one of your own. Just be sure to stick closely to this attack plan; it’s easy to push back deadlines and end up falling behind.

2. Get a Head Start on Platform Training

When implementing a ben admin solution, many businesses choose to put training for the platform on the backburner—particularly when there’s a long setup process. It’s no secret that HR and benefits administration staff are pressed for time, which can make it very difficult to slot away hours for platform acclimation and training. But if your team waits too long to start the training process, you may end up ill-prepared to actually use the benefits administration tool you invested so much time and money into.

There are a handful of ways to make platform training more timely and intuitive. First off, be sure to reach out to your vendor for their recommendations on staff training. The best ben admin platform providers set up training processes to ensure your team understands exactly how to run its new technology tool. Short of that, you should have access to educational tools (like videos and written materials) that outline how to run your new ben admin platform. Get these resources into the hands of your team as early as possible, and be sure to include training time on your implementation timeline.

3. Reach out to Your Vendor for Support

No matter how thoroughly you prepare for implementing your ben admin platform, there are bound to be challenges that pop up. Instead of trying to brute force your way through these issues, connect with your technology vendor (early and often) for support. They should already have experience with helping clients troubleshoot common implementation problems, so lean on them when you need to. Taking a few minutes to reach out each time you run into barriers can save your HR team substantial time, effort, and stress.

Make Platform Implementation Easy With Apprize

At Apprize, we believe that implementation should be intuitive. That’s why our team takes steps to make the implementation process of our ben admin systems as fast and stress-free as possible. As your technology provider, we’ll collaborate with your team every step of the way to incorporate your ben admin solution into existing systems—without unnecessary costs or downtime. We also commit to installing your solution in 30 to 60 days max, and waive our implementation fee entirely if we don’t.

Most importantly, we’ll assign you a dedicated Account Executive at the start of our partnership. This experienced professional is a constant resource for your team throughout the implementation process—giving you comprehensive support if unexpected issues arise.

If you’re ready to find and implement the perfect ben admin platform for your business or clients, then be sure to contact Apprize today. You can also reach out to us with any questions on benefits administration software for brokers or employers, implementation in general, and what you can do to make your employee benefits plan more effective. We’d love to help.

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